Baía Urbana, the webseries – Founder Fish

In the fourth episode of the Baía Urbana webseries, we will learn a little more about the Founder Fish. This bizarre fish has its both eyes on the same side of the body and swim extreamely close to the bottom of the bay. Its eyes can also move independently, similar to the chameleon’s eyes, which widens its field of vision. Besides being a huge targeted in professional fishing due to its high market value, founder fish is still caught accidentally in bottom trawls, which chases shrimp.

Currently, 80% of Brazil’s fishing resources are being exploited beyond its natural capacity of replacement.

How about giving a break to the Guanabara Bay’s founf fish, already severely impacted by us?

Before making your purchase at the market, try to find out the fishing season for each fish species. This simple act helps to preserve the marine ecosystem.

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