Annual Sustainability Report

OceanPact’s mission is to help society and its clients understand, use and harness the coast, the oceans and their riches, while guaranteeing they are protected and preserved.

From the onset, sustainability has been an integral part of our business strategy, through innovative programs focused on protecting and regenerating marine ecosystems, ensuring the feasibility of sustainable economic development for clients and the perpetuity of our business for our shareholders.

In order to account for our performance in 2022, for the first time we set out to report our activities in line with the Value Reporting Foundation’s International Integrated Reporting Framework. Our report also complies with the 2021 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards and it features indicators established by the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB). The document, which considers impacts and management work related to value creation, was subjected to limited assurance by Bureau Veritas

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Here are some key highlights from the year: 2022

  • R$ 1,200,957,000 Revenue (up 36% from 2021)
  • R$ 352 million CAPEX
  • 25 Operational
    Fleet Vessels
  • 82% Vessel
    Occupancy Rate
  • Emergency
    Response Bases
    19 bases across
    9 Brazilian states

    Presence along
    the coast of Brazil’s
    South, Southeast
    and Northeast regions

    Strategic position in the
    Port of Açu in northern
    Rio de Janeiro State
  • Human Capital 2.023 employees

    45 with a master’s and/or doctorate
    93 biologists and oceanographers, and
    149 engineers (naval, environmental,
    chemical and industrial, among other types)
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Material Topics

Creation of Shared Value

We create value for our shareholders by producing sustainable results for the company. We generate jobs directly and indirectly, invest in workforce training and education, and pay all taxes that are due. We share the value we create with society by means of social investments, social and environmental responsibility initiatives, relationships with our suppliers and hiring

Governance, Ethics and Transparency

Our governance structure plays a key role in promoting sustainability and integrating it into our corporate strategy and decision making, which is reflected in local economic development. We act to ensure the business’ integrity and we fight against corruption in all our operations, through a governance system that enhances transparency and accountability, guaranteeing fair and equitable treatment of stakeholders, data security and effective compliance.


Human capital is strategic to OceanPact. We are a team made up of technicians with diverse skills and backgrounds. We place special emphasis on health and safety, recognizing its direct correlation with operational excellence. In addition, we are committed to safeguarding and upholding human rights, offering decent work conditions and valuing the diversity of our employees.

and Technological Development

We continuously strive for excellence in the services we provide to our clients, remaining attentive to the sector’s requirements for technologies that can reduce negative impacts and optimize operational efficiency.

Climate Resilience
and Environmental Protection

We act responsibly and innovatively in relation to the climate agenda, attentive to the transition to a low-carbon economy. We strive to protect the environment, preserving biodiversity through the efficient management of emissions, waste, energy and water.

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