Annual Sustainability Report

OceanPact’s mission is to help society and its clients learn about, use and harness the coast, the oceans and their riches, while guaranteeing their prot

From the onset, sustainability has been an integral part of our business strategy, through innovative programs focused on protecting and regenerating marine ecosystems, ensuring the feasibility of their sustainable economic use by clients and the perpetuity of our business for our shareholders.

In order to account for our performance in 2023, we have published our second Annual Sustainability Report, based on Global Reporting Initiative standards. The document, which considers impacts and management work related to value creation, was subjected to external verification and received limited assurance from Bureau Veritas, testifying to its transparency and integrity.

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Material Topics

Creation of Shared Value

We generate value through our activities, seeking to achieve sustainable results that benefit the company and its stakeholders, society, the environment and, in particular, the oceans.

Governance, Ethics and Transparency

Our governance structure emphasizes sustainability in corporate strategy and decision making, promoting integrity, anti-corruption measures, transparency and compliance, with a focus on data security and fair treatment of stakeholders.


The expertise, talent and potential of our employees are fundamental to our company’s strategy. We are a team made up of technicians with diverse skills and backgrounds. Our overriding focus is on health, safety and operational excellence for our activities and those of our clients. We are committed to respecting and promoting human rights, emphasizing the right to decent work and valuing diversity.

Innovation and
Technological Development

Our focus on excellence in customer service leads us to constantly seek innovative technologies and sustainable solutions for harnessing the sea’s resources. Our goal is to reduce environmental impacts and improve operational efficiency, aligning our efforts with the blue economy to develop new businesses.

Climate Resilience and
Environmental Protection

We promote the protection of the marine environment in our activities and those of our clients. We emphasize the transition to low-carbon activities and the conservation of biodiversity. We continually seek efficient management of missions, waste, energy and water.

Highlights by Material Topic

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