Eduardo de Toledo is OceanPact’s new finance and investor relations director

In January, finance executive Eduardo de Toledo was appointed OceanPact’s finance and investor relations director. He was born in São Paulo and has degrees in production engineering and economics from the University of São Paulo. He has also done the International Executive Program at INSEAD Business School and the Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness Program at Columbia University. In 2002, he received a “New Talent Award” from the Brazilian Finance Executives Institute. In 2017, he won a “Balancing Act Award” and was rated Brazil’s “Chief Financial Officer of the Year.”

Toledo began his career as an intern at the Ultra group, where he worked for more than 20 years, becoming treasurer and director of administration and control at Oxiteno, managing director at Ultracargo and executive director at Ultrapar. He also spent two and a half years at Klabin, where he was the supply chain director, CFO and investor relations director. Between 2018 and 2020, he was the vice president for corporate management at CCR, with responsibility for the company’s finance, investor relations, controllership, people management, technology and engineering areas. He has been an Odontoprev board member for 20 years and he has served as the company’s chairman and audit committee coordinator. Since July 2017, he has been a member of Omega Energia’s board of directors and the coordinator of its audit committee.

He sees that his mission at OceanPact is to help build a finance area capable of supporting the company’s growth and meeting the major challenges that lie ahead, as well as building good relations with the capital markets. “There is a lot of value in being known and admired by investors, having credibility and appreciation. This makes it easier to raise more resources, invest and grow healthily. I also want to reinforce OceanPact’s financial focus when it comes to making key decisions, bearing in mind that it is a capital-intensive company,” he says.

Toledo believes that IPOs are an important milestone in companies’ trajectories. “OceanPact has joined a group of companies that are accountable to investors and society as a whole, with much more transparency. By being present on the stock exchange, you can also link part of managers’ remuneration to the evolution of the company’s market value, thereby aligning interests and leveraging value creation for all stakeholders. This is a positive thing in terms of attracting good professionals,” he says. In his view, concern for people is fundamental. “I strongly believe that teams and the quality of relationships created in the workplace make a big difference at companies. This is a crucial factor and it’s the way I know how to work,” he concludes.