Espaço Azul is opened at Copacabana Beach

Sponsored by OceanPact, we have opened Espaço Azul, a home for the Urban Sea Institute at the Z-13 Fishing Colony Visitors’ Center, located at Lifeguard Station 6 in Copacabana. Dive with us into the marine world and its biodiversity!

Espaço Azul was opened to the public on August 19, at a ceremony attended by Ricardo Gomes, a marine biologist and director of the Urban Sea Institute, as well as photojournalist Custodio Coimbra. They produced the photos brought together in “Subperfície – A baía em três tempos,” an exhibition that highlights the urgent need for us to change the way we relate to the seas and oceans.

A partnership between OceanPact, the Urban Sea Institute and the Z-13 Fishing Colony enabled the creation of Espaço Azul at one of the world’s most visited tourist attractions. The kiosk is designed to host actions and activities about preserving and sustainably using the marine environment, particularly environmental education, meetings, exhibitions, scientific research and awareness raising related to environmental causes.

Flavio Andrade, the CEO of OceanPact, attended the opening of Espaço Azul. “Ricardo and I were at the first Ocean Conference in 2017 in New York, where we showed a documentary called ‘Baía Urbana’ and presented our voluntary commitment to work toward UN Sustainable Development Goal 14. Following a study about rays living in Guanabara Bay, the documentary revealed various species whose presence there was previously unknown or undocumented.
The Rays of Guanabara Project was then created through our partnership with the fishing colony, and now we have created Espaço Azul, which will host and showcase a variety of initiatives carried out by the Urban Sea Institute with our support,” he says.

During the ceremony to open Espaço Azul, the Rio de Janeiro environment secretary praised Nina Gomes, a four-year-old environmental influencer, handing her a diploma to recognize her efforts to preserve marine ecosystems. Ricardo Gomes’ daughter, who is passionate about the sea, is a junior ambassador for OceanPact. She is helping to share with young people in different countries the importance of preserving marine ecosystems in order to ensure a
healthy environment and social well-being.

Espaço Azul | Z-13 Fishing Colony Visitors’ Center | Copacabana Beach, Lifeguard Station 6