Flavio Andrade receives award from SOBENA during celebration of association’s 60th anniversary

On October 27th , OceanPact CEO Flavio Andrade was presented with the 2022 Brazilian Naval Engineering Association (SOBENA) Award, in recognition of his achievements in the shipbuilding and offshore sector.

Andrade, a qualified naval engineer and SOBENA board member, received the award from the association’s technical director, Theodoro Antoun Netto, during an event to celebrate SOBENA’s 60th anniversary, held at the Rio de Janeiro Yacht Club.

The event marked the end of the 29th International Waterway Transport, Shipbuilding and Offshore Industry Congress, which took place from October 25th to 27th at Windsor Florida Hotel in Rio.

Both events were attended by OceanPact employees, including eight naval engineers.

Photos: Monica Dantas