Flavio Andrade stresses importance of research vessels when implementing clean energy programs

On Thursday, July 14, OceanPact’s CEO, Flavio Andrade, took part in a webinar called “Unlocking Cleaner Energy To Transform Brazil’s Offshore Basins,” held by Upstream, an energy sector media outlet. The livestreamed event brought together oil and gas industry experts to discuss the sector’s leading role in the energy transition process.

When asked how vessels can be made more efficient and better prepared to face the impacts of climate change, Andrade commented on OceanPact’s involvement in the decarbonization processes of its clients, which are mostly in the oil and gas industry.

Andrade stressed the importance of research vessels, which collect data to support the implementation of clean energy programs. “We have vessels and equipment to support wind farm licensing processes, collecting meteorological data and measuring offshore wind potential,” he said.

However, OceanPact’s CEO emphasized that data collection can be even more efficient if a platform is created that integrates all this information so that it can be made available to the many different stakeholders involved in operations at sea, including in the shipping, port, fishing and tourism areas.

The webinar’s other participants were Viviana Coelho, Petrobras’ climate change executive manager; Elbia Gannoum, the CEO of the Brazilian Wind Power Association (ABEEólica); Giovani Loss, a partner in law firm Mattos Filho; and Mauro Andrade, the Port of Açu’s business development executive. OceanPact was one of the event’s sponsors.