Hacking.Rio: marathon reaffirms commitment to innovation in digital world

Latin America’s biggest hackathon recently took place over the course of three days. OceanPact has sponsored Hacking.Rio since its first edition, and this year it contributed six mentors and two judges to the online meeting, held between November 26 and 28.

Focusing on United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14, Life Below Water, the company posed a challenge in the digital marathon’s Oceans Cluster, calling on university students to create a game for young people to promote discussion about the importance of preserving the marine environment. The cluster’s overall winner was the Analytica Team from Rio de Janeiro Federal University, which created and developed a project called Sea Journey.

Rogério Moller, an innovation analyst at OceanPact and one of the event’s mentors, believes that the company has reinforced its commitment not only to protecting the marine environment, but also to the personal and professional development of talented young people. “Being alongside the teams at Hacking.Rio was an inspiring experience. It was very interesting to note what the teams paid attention to. As well as technologies that could be applied to the solutions, they also thought about inclusion, diversity and sustainability,” he says. Such approaches are also present in the game proposed by OceanPact and created by university students, which focuses on ocean conservation.