Services for the sustainable
use of the sea, the coast
and the marine resources.

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Annual Sustainability Report


Activities, results and performance indicators

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  • + than 2.000 employees
    + than 2.000 employees
  • 168 engineers
    168 engineers
  • 91 biologists and oceanographers
    91 biologists and oceanographers
  • 56 M.Scs and PhDs
    56 M.Scs and PhDs
  • 149 drills conducted with Ibama
    149 drills conducted with Ibama
  • 2.243 boomings until august 2023
    2.243 boomings until august 2023
  • 28 offshore vessels
    28 offshore vessels
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1st edition of Ocean Experts debates ways forward for the offshore industry

In the first edition of Ocean Experts, OceanPact brought together experts from the offshore industry, academia and government to discuss the technological challenges and opportunities that will shape the offshore […]

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Flavio Andrade speaks at COP 28

Once again, OceanPact was invited to take part in the largest international event to discuss the future of the planet, the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 28), which is […]

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Clean Gulf: OceanPact at the heart of the world’s emergency response discussions

OceanPact recently participated in another edition of Clean Gulf, one of the world’s largest events dedicated to emergency response, which this year took place from November 7 to 9 in […]

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OceanPact brings together ANP, IBAMA and oil operators at Clean Gulf workshop

On November 7, OceanPact held a workshop during Clean Gulf in San Antonio, Texas, called “Risk Management and Planning to Combat Oil Spills: New Challenges and Success Stories in Brazil.” […]

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ISCO and OceanPact seminar discusses cases of emergencies around the world

OceanPact, in partnership with the International Spill Control Organization (ISCO), brought together public officials and experts in Rio de Janeiro on Friday, October 27, for a seminar called “Maritime Pollution […]

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Since it was founded, OceanPact has promoted protection, knowledge, monitoring and above all sustainable use of the sea, coast and marine resources. All its actions are aimed at highlighting the ecosystems where OceanPact operates, the impacts caused by the inappropriate use of its resources and what can be done to preserve them.


OceanPact’s environmental, social and economic strategies are based on the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals and they are designed to promote healthy, sustainable and balanced relations between society and the sea.

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OceanPact has an external, independent Whistleblower Channel, available 24/7 in three languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish).

We treat all cases confidentially and all allegations are received and analyzed carefully by the responsible team. You can choose whether or not to identify yourself.

If you want to report a case of fraud, corruption, harassment, discrimination, safety issue or violation of environmental laws, among other issues, call us on 0800 891 4636, email us at or file a report by clicking on the button below.

Whistleblower Channel

Whistleblower Channel