A collaborative environment is essential to unleash creativity and accelerate the development of innovations.

OceanPact encourages the creativity of its employees and relationships with suppliers, customers, and the academia in this regard.

The achievement of successful multi sector collaboration is in our “DNA”, and our first patent, registered in 2007, was an example of this. Obtained with the participation of COPPE / UFRJ, El Paso and several service providers, we measured on the field all strains on an offshore fixed booming installed by El Paso, which allowed us to develop the patented design of a spiral fixed booming.

Today we work closely with several COPPE / UFRJ laboratories such as LabOceano, LABECO and LAMCE, with the Brazilian Navy, through the IEAPM, and with suppliers such as Maritime Robotics – Norway; All Maritim – Norway; ELASTEC – USA; OFG – Canada; Planck Aero – USA; CODAR – USA, among others.