OceanPact and AtmosMarine together for the oceans

This collaboration between AtmosMarine and OceanPact highlights the urgent need to forecast and adapt to climate change. As we face more extreme weather events, the accuracy of forecasts will be key to the safety and resilience of various sectors. This joint effort underlines the importance of anticipating environmental changes and adapting operational strategies in good time. 

The interaction between knowledge of the sea and the climate is fundamental to understanding how the oceans influence the global climate. 

The oceans play a vital role in regulating temperatures and wind patterns by transporting heat and moisture. Meteorological phenomena such as hurricanes are directly affected by the surface temperature of the sea. This understanding is necessary for scientists to predict climate change and extreme weather events, providing crucial data for environmental management and climate resilience.

Meteorological and oceanographic data is essential for the safety and efficiency of maritime operations, helping:

Predict adverse weather conditions: AtmosMarine’s ability to provide local, regional and global forecasts allows OceanPact to plan operations, avoiding hazardous conditions and reducing the risk of accidents, as well as minimizing the impact of operations on the environment and contributing to the protection of marine ecosystems.

Optimize shipping and transshipment operations: Accurate weather and sea condition data helps identify the best time windows for critical activities, minimizing delays and reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Manage resources efficiently: Using long-range forecasts provided by its Artificial Intelligence Hybrid Forecasting Operating System (known by Portuguese initials Sophia), OceanPact can plan its operations ahead of time, adjusting to weather forecasts and ocean conditions up to a year in advance.

This is particularly important for maritime operations in the oil and gas sector, in which operational efficiency and rapid responses to emergencies are critical. 

This investment in AtmosMarine was just the latest move by OceanPact to enhance its excellence in offshore services and reinforce its capacity for innovation, strengthening the company’s pioneering ocean knowledge and services. To find out more about AtmosMarine, go to