OceanPact and EnvironPact present scientific papers at IOSC 2024

OceanPact and EnvironPact presented five technical papers at the 2024 International Oil Spill Conference (IOSC), one of the world’s foremost events regarding measures to tackle oil spills, which was held this year in New Orleans from May 13 to 16. OceanPact also took part as an IOSC 2024 exhibitor and sponsor.

Among these five papers, EnvironPact presented one summarizing the Watchful Sea Project, which trained several fishing communities in southeastern Brazil in coastal oil spill response techniques; and another one explaining the implementation of a Strategic Coastal Protection and Cleanup Plan and Tactical Response Plans for offshore drilling activities in Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, including training for more than 900 people and an on-site oil spill drill.

OceanPact also presented an article describing how the company used real-life experiences to develop a new web platform that promotes comprehensive situational awareness at sea for all actors involved in an emergency response. The set of tools that integrates this solution has since become a company product, OceanPact Digital, which allows live visualization of human and material resources, oil detection, meteorological and oceanographic forecasts, and other data captured from vessels, ROVs, drones and aircraft, thereby facilitating responses to possible oil spills.

Another OceanPact paper focused on the conversion of a service boat initially used to tow oil containment booms on the high seas into an unmanned vessel, with the aim of increasing operational safety and avoiding wear and tear due to long operating periods.

Finally, a company case study simulated an oil spill accident at sea, in deep waters, in Camamu-Almada Basin, affecting sensitive coastal areas such as Camamu Bay and the Tinharé and Boipeba Islands in Bahia. This study addressed the importance of having a model with adequate resolution to represent oil dispersion processes from ocean areas to bays and estuaries.