OceanPact at IOSC 2024: Technology and knowledge for environmental protection

This year, OceanPact will once again sponsor and participate in the International Oil Spill Conference (IOSC). This high-level technical event will bring together a global community of oil spill response professionals from May 13 to 16 in New Orleans. This will be the 25th edition of the event.

The company will have an exclusive booth at IOSC 2024, providing a space for OceanPact and EnvironPact directors, managers and representatives to connect with clients, partners and industry leaders.

Sharing knowledge and multiplying experiences

IOSC offers an extensive program of technical activities, including talks, workshops and presentations of research articles. OceanPact will be sharing its knowledge and experience, through presentations of scientific papers written by company employees.

EnvironPact’s CEO, Adriano Ranieri, its chief operating officer, Pedro Martins, and its technical and new business director, Pedro Perez, are the authors of a paper titled “Vessels of Opportunity Pioneer Project in Brazil – A 5-Year Critical Review and Lessons Learned,” together with company analysts Stephanie Caplan and Caroline Canellas. The article looks at how the Watchful Sea Project has trained the Brazilian fishing community to combat oil spills. Over the course of five years, it has involved 500 people, trained 300 fishermen and registered 93 vessels, increasing the community’s preparedness to deal with oil spills.

“Assessment, Preparedness, Training and Implementation of a Shoreline Response Plan Involving Traditional/Subsistence Fishing Communities Along the Northeast Coast of Brazil – A Case Study” is the name of a research poster produced by Pedro Martins together with Marcelo Côrtes, OceanPact’s emergency response director; João Serra, OceanPact’s commercial director; company managers Jorge Elias, Bernardo Assis and Henrique Margem; and EnvironPact consultant Pedro Habibe. The poster summarizes the development and application of a shoreline response plan for oil spills in northeastern Brazil.

OceanPact Geo managers Andrea Xavier, Luana Machado and Nandara Bortoli will present a research poster called “Deepwater Oil Spill Reaching Coastal Environments: Modelling the Fate of Estuarine Areas – A Brazilian Case Study,” demonstrating the risk of oil spills off the Brazilian coast, focusing on vulnerable ecosystems.

Carlos Leandro, OceanPact’s innovation business manager; and Fernando Barreto, OceanPact data specialist, will present a research poster titled “Use of CRONOS Platform to Support Environmental Response,” which sets out how this platform, which integrates meteorological and oceanographic data, including real-time surface currents obtained by high-frequency radars, helps combat environmental emergencies in Brazil’s oil and gas industry.

Through a research poster called “Conversion of a Conventional Workboat into an Unmanned Craft for Offshore Oil Spill Containment and Recovery Operations,” OceanPact’s innovation manager, Leonardo Maciel, presents the company’s experience of converting a workboat, describing the stages of the project and highlighting the lessons learned. Leonardo also produced a project called “Next Steps for Common Operating Pictures Based on Recent Experiences in Brazil,” based on a study that looked at how to integrate proactive alarms, spill modeling, socioeconomic information and sensor data to improve oil spill monitoring and response.

Join us at IOSC 2024

OceanPact invites you to connect with the company at IOSC 2024 and be part of the global community of professionals who are building a safer and more sustainable future for the environment. Visit the OceanPact booth, take part in the scientific paper presentations, explore the company’s innovative solutions for tackling oil spills and follow the event on OceanPact’s social networks.