OceanPact CEO Flavio Andrade appointed ISCO ambassador to Brazil

In recognition of his extensive experience in oil spill preparedness and response, Flavio Andrade, founder and CEO of OceanPact, was appointed an ambassador of the International Spill Control Organization (ISCO) to Brazil on Friday, October 27, in Rio de Janeiro.

“ISCO ambassadors play a key role in spreading the organization’s mission, and Flavio’s appointment reflects his track record of protecting the marine environment and his importance as a player in global cooperation in response to oil and chemical spills,” said Matthew Sommerville, ISCO secretary and ambassador.

The certification took place at a seminar called “Maritime Pollution and Oil Spills in the 21st Century,” held by OceanPact and ISCO, which debated strategies and techniques for preparedness and response to emergencies related to oil spills, involving the presentation of real case studies from Brazil, Mauritius and Peru.

The event was also attended by ISCO ambassador and representative in Latin America, Carlos Sagrera; IBAMA analyst Cintia Levita; Cedre project engineer Fanny Chever; AIUKÁ director Valeria Ruoppolo; Arpel consultant Marcus Lisboa; EnvironPact CEO Adriano Ranieri; and OceanPact commercial director Érik Cunha; as well as 200 invited specialists.

ISCO is a nonprofit organization based in London. For 39 years it has been dedicated to improving global preparedness to respond to major pollution incidents, assisting governments and other organizations in obtaining emergency support and resources.