OceanPact creates base for environmental protection and offshore logistics in Porto do Açu

Agreement between companies confirms the ongoing recovery of the oil and gas industry and the promising business environment of the port terminal.

According to the contract signed with Porto do Açu on August 17th, OceanPact will implement an emergency response hub in this port development located in the north of the State of Rio de Janeiro. The company will occupy an area of 29,300 m², and will also have an additional 16,250 m² for future expansion of activities. The contract also provides for dredging and the construction of a pier in the area leased by OceanPact.

The Port of Açu occupies a privileged location in front of the Campos Basin and the pre-salt fields, serving as the main base for leading companies in the oil and gas sector in the country. The long-term installation of the OceanPact base highlights the port’s vocation as a hub for offshore and submarine activities. According to Ricardo de Luca, director of Oil and Gas at Porto do Açu Operations, “it will be another company building wharfs at Açu’s most sought after terminal, which will result in an increase in vessel traffic”.

The arrival of OceanPact renews the opportunity to offer the concept of a one-stop-shop (offering products and services in one place) to the offshore market, as the different companies already installed will be able to act synergistically to meet all demands. Porto do Açu is the main structuring project in the State of Rio, and has great potential for regional development. Today, with OceanPact, there are 14 companies installed in the port.

Erik Fabian Cunha, Commercial and New Business director at OceanPact, recalls that the company has been engaged in environmental protection activities in Porto do Açu since 2014. “Undoubtedly, this is an excellent time to expand our operations, offering our customers the largest and most complete Environmental Protection Base in Latin America, in addition to other environmental services, subsea operations, logistics and engineering”.