OceanPact sponsors the 2021 edition of the International Oil Spill Conference (IOSC)

In virtual format for the first time, the 2021 edition of the International Oil Spill Conference
(IOSC) is being sponsored by OceanPact. The event, which has been a benchmark for oil spill
response since 1969, runs between May 10 and 14, from 8:30 am to 6:15 pm, with the themes
of ‘Prevent, prepare, respond, repair’.

IOSC is an important forum for the exchange of ideas and to learn about the latest research.
The meeting brings together the private sector, government and non-governmental
organizations, with learning for all the various actors involved in dealing with a crisis, based on
solid science, practical innovation and engineering.

At the event, OceanPact will present the Virtual Emergency Response Plan project to the market, a simulator that reproduces scenarios of environmental pollution caused by oil spills at sea, enabling review
and evaluation of decisions and practices. This presentation will be made by Innovation
Manager, Leonardo Maciel.

The conference is an excellent opportunity to interact with players from the O&G market and
update on innovation and sustainability in the oceans, themes that are extremely important
for the intelligent use of natural resources.

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