OceanPact has transparency in its DNA. As the basis of our organizational culture, integrity guides all of our company’s services, attitudes and relationships, including the selection of our business partners.

We operate in strict compliance with Brazilian and international legislation, including anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws, through permanent monitoring of our activities.

Direct communication between our employees and the Executive Board allows us to identify and suppress inappropriate or illegal attitudes. Such facts can be reported on our Whistleblowing Channel, through which we guarantee full confidentiality and non-retaliation to the whistleblower.

Access our Code of Ethics and Conduct and our policies to learn more about the practices adopted by OceanPact.

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To foster the knowledge and development of employees, we implement educational actions, provide support services and adopt practices that ensure the respectful treatment of our team. Thus, we promote physical, mental and moral integrity in our work environment.

All of our operations are frequently monitored and analyzed, in order to minimize their impact on the environment and our business. We adopt responsible measures, the efficient use of energy, the reduction of waste, the selective collection of waste and the recycling of materials.



More than a set of corporate integrity rules and procedures, we understand that our Compliance system is a non-negotiable and fundamental pillar for our business. In this way, we continually disseminate to all our employees – and third parties with whom we interact – the importance of complying with legal, ethical and diversity standards.

The compliance standards of the OceanPact Group are disseminated together with their values and must be respected by our employees, directors, interns and minor learners. They are also widely disseminated and must be met by the various audiences that interact with the company, such as business partners, suppliers of goods and services, as well as anyone acting on behalf of OceanPact and other companies in the group. Everyone must guarantee business ethics and integrity and comply with our anti-bribery management system.

Whistleblowing Channel

If you want to report a case (of fraud, corruption, harassment, money laundering, discrimination, conflict of interest, safety, environment, health or actions and omissions contrary to the law or the precepts of OceanPact Policies and its Code of Ethics and Conduct) that may cause damage to the company, its employees, customers, shareholders or other contact public, access our Whistleblowing Channel.

To guarantee anonymity and impartiality in receiving complaints, our Whistleblowing Channel is external, independent and available in three languages (Portuguese, English and Spanish), 24 hours a day.

Your identification is optional and we ensure that the entire process is conducted with complete confidentiality.

The Whistleblowing Channel treats all cases confidentially, and every complaint is received and handled carefully by the responsible team.


Whistleblowing Channel
Risk Management

Risk Management

OceanPact is committed to the safety of its operations and recognizes the permanent need to identify, assess, mitigate and communicate its operational risks to employees and other stakeholders.

Our risk assessment and management program cover all internal processes and activities carried out by the company. We use criteria and methodologies recognized as international good practices as reference, always considering the degree of risk and the complexity of our operations.