A group of people from the most varied branches. The union of hundreds of professionals, such as seafarers, technicians, operators, engineers, oceanographers, biologists, geologists, researchers, and specialists on land or on board. Specific technical training, knowledge and experiences accumulated give rise to an important and very valuable asset for OceanPact: people.

That is why we see each of our employees as partners responsible for the success of our business, with actions carried out in a planned, safe and balanced manner, creating a comfortable environment for everyone.



OceanPact’s entrepreneurial and results-oriented culture leads to the generation of innovative solutions that prioritize respect for people, standards and the environment.

Diversity – as one of the pillars for innovation – creates a space for valuing the skills and individual characteristics of our employees. All people are taken into consideration and evaluated in the process of identifying new talents for the composition of our work teams.


Young Learners (formal brazilian labour law requirement)

Our goal is to bring young people interested in receiving professional education into the job market.

During the program, each young person is trained in his school or institution and in the company, enabling theoretical and practical learning. Social insertion happens with the first job, and the opportunity to develop your corporate skills.



Interns are recruited throughout the year, which gives them a greater chance of participating in our selection processes. We seek to attract students with growth potential, an innovative and proactive profile, aligned with our culture and our values.

The interns are monitored throughout their journey in the company, through performance evaluations and annual meetings. Constant learning leads to the preparation of members for greater professional challenges.



Internships for practitioners are offered to students from the Brazilian Merchant Marine School. The selection processes make it possible to identify the most suitable people for the needs of each OceanPact vessel. The highlights will be hired as officers after completing the internship period.



We seek people with strong knowledge in specific areas or professionals who can add and generate value to our work model, contributing to the constant updating of our processes.

We have established a partnership relationship with our employees. We develop mutual skills and believe that there is much to teach and learn. We are agile and we like challenges. We are constantly on the lookout for professionals with a spirit of achievement, creative and participative skills in various fields of activity.



We believe that each employee is the protagonist of their destiny, being able to talk to their manager about new challenges, their life and career purpose. At OceanPact, the professional trajectory is a consequence of the commitment to self-development and the evolution verified in the Personal Development Plan cycles.

We encourage professional development courses and apply internal technical training with ICS (Incident Command System) management practices for emergency response and IMO (International Maritime Organization) response to oil spills at sea, certified by The Nautical Institute.

Work with us

OceanPact invests in research and innovation to develop projects in a sustainable way. We are recognized for the quality of our team, investments in innovation and commitment to the challenges of our customers.

If you are interested in being part of our team, register your resume at Vagas.com by clicking on the button below and follow the selection processes that we disclose on the platform.