We seek operational excellence by operating with SAFETY, interacting with the ENVIRONMENT in a sustainable manner and pursuing HEALTH as a quality of life. That is our purpose in QHSE. We want to be a reference and recognized by the culture of integrated security, present in our planning, decisions and actions.

Check our QHSE Policy available below.

QHSE Policy


We believe that quality of life makes a difference in the HEALTH of our employees and their families. We work with programs to prevent and improve physical and mental well-being. Our monthly campaigns address the main topics of personal and occupational health. Based on information, health management, monitoring and medical assistance, we develop our actions in a healthy environment for everyone in the OceanPact Group.



Our actions towards the ENVIRONMENT give visibility to the ecosystem where we operate, the impact we cause and everything we do to preserve it. Such actions also give visibility to our operations to the market and to society.

We inventoried our greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions and looked for innovative ways to reduce our footprint, incorporating new solutions in our business strategies.

We develop the environmental awareness of our employees through lectures and campaigns on the environment, sustainability competitions and the dissemination of relevant information, such as the reports on the volume of organic waste generated and its proper management.

We are signatories to the UN Global Compact, and we are determined to contribute to the 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development.



At OceanPact, everyone is responsible for safety, and activities are carried out only after due training, which guarantees an environment of trust and psychological security.

We develop the maturity of the SAFETY culture realistically and together with those who do it. We empower and sensitize people with a conscious and interdependent behaviour, showing the purpose of what is done. We practice safety with the active participation of leaders, with dialogues and symbolisms.

Our leaders are empowered in end-to-end activities, maintain a sense of vulnerability and share relevant security practices. They multiply our safety culture and are totally focused and focused on the human factor and operational discipline.