Who We Are

OceanPact is a Brazilian company that develops and implements safe, efficient and innovative solutions in three segments: environmental, subsea and logistics and engineering.

The company offers services for the study, protection, monitoring and sustainable use of the sea, the coast and marine resources for customers from different sectors of the economy, such as oil and gas, energy, mining, telecommunications, port, navigation, tourism, fishing and aquaculture.

The experience and capacity in emergency response and crisis management – part of its culture and the corporate “DNA” – leaves OceanPact in a different position to support its customers safely and efficiently in all activities related to the sea.

As a reference in knowledge and services at sea, the company actively participates in the main entities and events in the sector, and maintains close contact with all centers for the development of new technologies worldwide, in addition to constantly investing in research and innovation.


Help society and our customers to know, use and explore the coast, the oceans and their wealth – ensuring their protection and conservation.



Founded in 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, with a focus on the area of consultancy and response to environmental emergencies, OceanPact has been an important participant in oil spill response operations in Brazil and abroad, expanding its operations throughout Latin America.

Its team members participated in the response to all the last major environmental incidents, including combating oil spills in Guanabara Bay, in 2000, in Paranaguá Bay, in 2004, and in Campo do Frade, located in Campos Basin, in 2011. In 2010, it was the only Brazilian company operating in response to the largest environmental disaster in the history of offshore petroleum drilling: the Deepwater Horizon oil spill (Gulf of Mexico, USA). It also acted in environmental emergencies caused by dam ruptures in Minas Gerais, shipwrecks and other large oil spills.

In 2011, through a joint venture with the American company Witt O’Brien’s, a world leader in consultancy specialized in responding to emergencies and crises for over 35 years, the OceanPact Group created Witt O’Brien’s Brazil (WOB).

In 2013, OceanPact expanded the scope of its maritime and environmental services by forming another joint venture, this time with the English company Gardline, with more than 50 years of experience in the international market for data collection at sea (marine survey). It was founded then Gardline do Brasil, today OceanPact GEO. The total acquisition would take place six years later, making OceanPact the sole holder of the largest fleet of boats dedicated to research in Brazil, for projects in the areas of the environment, geology, geophysics, geochemistry, oceanography and marine geotechnics.

In 2018, OceanPact fully acquired Servmar Ltd, a Brazilian company with 30 years of experience in remediation of contaminated areas, engineering services and facilities, including the operation of Petrobras’ Environmental Defense Centers – CDAs.

In 2023, OceanPact bought out its American partner Witt O’Brien’s in their 50:50 joint venture, giving it a 100% Brazilian consulting arm, called EnvironPact Sustentabilidade e Resiliência. This business creates value by providing specialized and interdisciplinary consulting services in the environmental, safety and risk management areas, as well as in all stages of the life cycle of a potential emergency or crisis.

OceanPact has never stopped investing all its results in building a solid company – with innovative staff, assets and systems. Today, it has a team of more than 300 oceanographers, biologists, bachelors in nautical sciences, engineers (naval, environmental, chemical, industrial, among others), masters and doctors. This team provides differentiated services, operates an extensive fleet of specialized vessels and the largest inventories of equipment for preventing and combating spills at sea and collecting oceanographic data in Latin America.

Based in Rio de Janeiro and with extensive geographical distribution, with 11 operational bases in 7 Brazilian states, in addition to offices in Niterói, Macaé, and Porto do Açu, as well as in Norway and Mexico, OceanPact spares no effort to serve its clients efficiently, safely, and environmentally responsibly.



We like what we do and carry out our actions in the right way, without measuring efforts to carry them out safely. We work in an environment of trust with our employees, customers, suppliers and partners, and we encourage creativity and innovation.

OceanPact’s values express its essential characteristics and the commitment to obtain the best results for its customers and shareholders.

• Can be done
If it can be done safely, we will do it. We are not afraid of the difficulties and we do not spare any effort to do whatever it takes. We are always available and prepared to act quickly.

• The right way
What needs to be done, we do it well, in a sustainable and fair way. We keep our commitments and deliver what is agreed, respecting people, standards and the environment.

• We like what we do
We have initiative, we are excited by the achievements, we work as a team and we value the adhesion and spread of our culture. We want to grow and improve, always.

• Confidence
We work with ethics and transparency in an environment of trust, and we cultivate that trust with our employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

• Innovation
We are open-minded to encourage creativity and innovation. We are constantly looking for new solutions, services and processes. We accept mistakes that result in learning and correct their causes.

• Results
We consistently seek positive results for ourselves, our customers and the environment – always in the right way.