OceanPact holds webinar on oil spill response in Brazil – Event was part of United Nations Ocean Decade satellite activity

On Thursday, April 7, OceanPact took part in a United Nations Ocean Decade satellite activity by holding a webinar called Preparedness to Oil Spills at Sea in Brazil. The event, broadcast live on YouTube, was part of “A Safe Ocean,” a United Nations laboratory created to debate solutions to reduce the risks of human action on the oceans.

The meeting was led by representatives of OceanPact, OceanPact Geociências and Witt O’Brien’s Brazil. As well as presenting an overview of Brazil’s marine environment, the speakers detailed the key elements required for an effective response to oil spills: understanding the environment, assessing risks, developing plans, and conducting training and drills.

The webinar was held in partnership with OceanPact Geosciences, an offshore data collection specialist; and Witt O’Brien’s Brazil, a consulting firm with expertise in emergency and crisis management, operational risks and safety, and the environment. The event reinforced integration between the companies that make up OceanPact, a leader in environmental protection services, subsea operations and offshore logistics and support. One aspect discussed several times during the webinar was the need for proper planning and better use of equipment and technologies.

According to Adriano Ranieri, the CEO of Witt O’Brien’s Brazil, “The event was a great opportunity to demonstrate Brazil’s capacity to respond to this type of serious event, unknown to many people. It is challenging to work in the area of ​​environmental protection in a country of the size and ecological diversity of Brazil, which also has very strict and restrictive legislation. We are very proud of the work we do.”

If you were unable to take part in the webinar, held in English, you can check out the full content by clicking here or by visiting OceanPact’s YouTube channel.