OceanPact inaugurates site FRIO, initiating activities on CRONOS platform

The development and implementation of safe, efficient and innovative solutions that guarantee the protection, preservation and sustainable use of the sea, the coast and the marine resources, is in OceanPact’s DNA.

The CRONOS platform was built with the synergy between sustainability and innovation, it integrates meteorological data from various sources in order to reduce the time between detection of an incident and an effective response. Its main innovation is to map surface currents using high frequency radar in near real time. The maps combine data collected by sensors or via satellite, maintaining an operational system updated and prepared to assimilate and generate hydrodynamic current forecasting models.

With the support of Funding Authority for Studies and Projects (FINEP), and in partnership with the Brazilian Navy and with the Laboratory of Computational Methods in Engineering (LAMCE-COPPE-UFRJ), CRONOS has three sites in Rio de Janeiro state, at Itaipuaçu, Ilha de Cabo Frio and Cabo de São Tomé. They cover areas more than 300 km from the coastline with depths beyond 2,000m, reaching out to the perimeters of the pre-salt region.

On June 25, at 10 am, FRIO site’s SeaSonde® system inauguration event will be held on the top of Cabo Frio Island, a scientific and natural heritage site protected by the state. The occasion will be broadcast live on OceanPact’s YouTube channel, directly from the station, where the company’s innovation team and Navy representatives will be celebrating a successful partnership that will generate positive results for society and the environment.