OceanPact invests in meteorology and oceanography company AtmosMarine

OceanPact has made an investment in AtmosMarine, a privately held Brazilian company specializing in meteorology, oceanography, environmental monitoring and data analysis. The operation was completed in December 2023.

“This combination of knowledge, specialists and data intelligence from OceanPact and AtmosMarine will expand the range of solutions offered to the oil and gas sector by cross-referencing a huge amount of information, contributing to greater efficiency in operations at sea and a faster response to possible emergencies. This was yet another move by OceanPact to improve our excellence in offshore services and reinforce our capacity for innovation,” said Arthur Kós, OceanPact’s technology and innovation director.

Composed of a high-level technical team with advanced scientific degrees, AtmosMarine began operating in the market in 2019 as a startup in the business incubator at Rio de Janeiro Federal University’s Institute for Engineering Graduate Studies and Research (COPPE).

Together with OceanPact, AtmosMarine will be able to provide meteorological and oceanographic forecasts and measurements on local, regional and global scales, as well as weather and climate forecasting services, using advanced technologies and tools to carry out climatological studies and help predict sea conditions, vessel behavior and optimal routes.

For example, the information captured, generated and analyzed by AtmosMarine will make it possible to identify the most suitable times for transferring cargo or personnel and for operations involving remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), pinpointing the most economical navigation windows, among other services.

“OceanPact’s investment has already taken us to another level of performance. It has been good for everyone. We had specialists, technology, software and data, giving us great potential to grow. Now we have more professionals and possibilities to develop our projects for the market. It’s a win-win for both companies, the market and society,” said Ronaldo Palmeira, one of AtmosMarine’s founding partners.