OceanPact participates in panel at 7th Brazilian Maritime & Port Law Congress

With the aim of making a significant contribution to improving policies and practices related to maritime environmental law in Brazil, the 7th Brazilian Maritime & Port Law Congress brought together professionals, public officials and experts in the sector to exchange ideas and experiences. OceanPact was one of the sponsors of the event, held by the Brazilian Maritime Law Association (ABDM) on April 11 and 12 in Vitória, Espírito Santo.

OceanPact manager Bernardo Seefelder de Assis represented the company in a panel discussion called “Maritime Environmental Law: New Perspectives,” which addressed crucial issues related to environmental protection in maritime and port contexts.

“OceanPact is committed to contributing to the advancement of policies and practices aimed at protecting our marine resources, promoting a sustainable environment for current and future generations,” he said.

The main talk in the panel discussion was given by ABDM’s vice president, Luciana Marques, and the session was moderated by maritime court judge Marcelo David. The other participants were ABDM’s president, Luís Felipe Galante; Vice-Admiral Sérgio Fernando de Amaral Chaves Junior of the Brazilian Navy’s Ports and Coasts Department; Marcelo Rey de Lima, Navy captain and port captain in Espírito Santo; Kátia Oliveira, manager of Steamship Mutual; and Ingrid Zanella, a lawyer.