OceanPact publishes its 2022 Annual Sustainability Report

OceanPact has just launched its 2022 Annual Sustainability Report. The publication provides a comprehensive vision of the company’s activities, results and performance indicators, demonstrating OceanPact’s commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. The report follows the Value Reporting Foundation’s International Integrated Reporting Framework and it complies with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

“On our sustainability journey, we are committed to adopting innovative and nature-based approaches. This means that we seek solutions that respect ecosystems and harmoniously integrate with them,” sums up OceanPact’s CEO, Flavio Andrade, in a message to employees, clients, investors, suppliers, partners and other stakeholders.

OceanPact’s 2022 Annual Sustainability Report demonstrates the company’s firm commitment to transparency, accountability and initiatives to protect and preserve the oceans and marine ecosystems.

According to the chairman of OceanPact’s Board of Directors, Luis Antonio Gomes Araujo, “this work represents joint efforts by the company’s leaders and employees and an opportunity for reflection and new learning.”

Check out OceanPact’s full 2022 Annual Sustainability Report here.