OceanPact receives award from Açu Petróleo for second year in a row

For two years in a row, 2020 and 2021, OceanPact has received a “Best Supplier” award from Açu Petróleo in the area of ​​safety and quality, based on the emergency readiness and response service it provides during ship-to-ship operations at the Port of Açu, on the coast north of the state of Rio de Janeiro. This recognition means a lot to the company, which is guided by excellence in the execution of its port and offshore services.

Last year, OceanPact’s clients at the Port do Açu – the Port of Açu itself, Ferroport, Açu Petróleo and GNA – also received an award: the World Ports Sustainability Award. This is considered the most important recognition for sustainability practices in the port sector, and OceanPact’s services played their part in helping these clients receive it. These practices include the readiness and environmental protection services that OceanPact has performed since 2014 at maritime terminals and in activities overseen by the Port Administration.

Jorge Elias, the manager of OceanPact’s port area in Brazil, explains that the new award is part of a program to recognize Açu Petróleo’s best contractors. This program assesses various safety criteria and compliance with legal requirements throughout the year. In the case of OceanPact, ship-to-ship operations, to transfer oil from one ship to another, involve a team that is highly trained in emergency readiness and response services.

“Winning this award shows that our employees, especially those working on the front line, are aligned with and have assimilated the guidelines of our safety culture. The scope of our readiness work in the port and offshore areas is focused on preventing and combating environmental emergencies or accidents, such as oil spills at sea. We want to offer our clients the highest level of quality and reliability. This new recognition motivates us and shows that we are on the right path,” says Elias. Bernardo Assis, OceanPact’s commercial manager, adds, “This entire process is part of a continuous learning process that has resulted from our long-term relationship with Açu Petróleo. It demonstrates the solidity of our safety culture, our commitment to our clients’ goals and the way we stand out in the port market, always looking for the best results, whether operational or environmental.”

Gustavo Vianna, OceanPact’s quality, health, safety and environment director, says it is very gratifying to once again receive an award from Açu Petróleo Award as the contractor with the best occupational health and safety performance. “This award is dedicated to our team and everyone who supports the team. It recognizes our health and safety culture, which has been implemented in all OceanPact operations, led by our leaders, who set an example. It is built with purpose, in an environment of trust and involving everyone, sharing best practices and experiences in the pursuit of excellence,” he concludes.