OceanPact sees latest developments in autonomous vehicles at “Oceanology” event in U.S.

Another edition of Oceanology International Americas is taking place this week, from February 14 to 16, in San Diego. This is the American version of Oceanology International, a long-standing London-based event held every two years, offering solutions, content and innovations in ocean technologies.

OceanPact is represented at the event by Gustavo Lutz, the CEO of OceanPact Geocienciências; Arthur Kós, OceanPact’s director of IT and innovation; Leonardo Barreira, OceanPact Geociências’ director of operations; and Carlos Leandro, OceanPact’s business innovation manager.

According to Gustavo Lutz, Oceanology International Americas’ exhibitions and activities this year are highlighting autonomous vehicles and their applications to the exploration, protection and sustainable operation of the world’s oceans – an area in which OceanPact has vast experience.

“Today we operate three complex autonomous gliders and we will acquire our fourth autonomous vehicle in the first half of 2023,” he says. These gliders are used by the company in underwater acoustic landscape studies and to understand the influence of offshore operations on marine life.

According to Arthur Kós, autonomous vehicles are an opportunity to offer better and safer options for carrying out services at sea. “OceanPact is developing an autonomous vehicle to handle oil spill containment barriers, as well as an unmanned, remote-controlled tugboat,” he reveals.