OceanPact Serviços Marítimos S.A. receives international anti-bribery certification

In 2021, OceanPact became one of Brazil’s first marine service companies to obtain ISO 37001 certification, by adopting the Anti-Bribery Management System developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), underlining its commitment to ethics and transparency.

The fight against corruption is one of the pillars of the Integrity Program at OceanPact, which follows rigorous standards of business management and governance, ensuring that its activities are credible. The company supports the Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the United Nations to its 193 member countries. This global plan consists of 17 core objectives to enable a sustainable society in all spheres by 2030. Combating corruption is described in the Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions goal.

Achieving excellence in accordance with the ISO 37001 standard demonstrates that the principles of integrity and transparency are applied to OceanPact’s everyday activities. Natalia Fonseca, OceanPact’s compliance manager, says, “Ethics is a fundamental pillar in running our business. This certification was an important step in signaling to our stakeholders that we have zero tolerance regarding any act of bribery. We understand that acting in accordance with legislation and our institutional values encourages the sustainability of the entire ecosystem and it makes us confident that we are on the right path.”