OceanPact stands out in workshop on offshore wind and other renewable ocean energy

In September, OceanPact sponsored the Second Workshop on Offshore Wind Power and Other Renewable Ocean Energy, which was held by the Brazilian Naval Engineering Association (SOBENA). This debate about the offshore renewable energy sector in Brazil and around the world featured OceanPact’s innovation business manager, Carlos Leandro da Silva Junior. He gave a talk titled “Collecting Offshore Data to Support Planning, Installation and Maintenance of Wind Farms.”

The workshop explored technical, regulatory and environmental aspects related to the use of offshore renewable energy sources, including offshore wind and wave energy. The event was attended by representatives of the Brazilian environmental protection agency, Ibama, energy sector companies, and international research and development institutions.

“The event held by SOBENA allowed the participants to deepen their knowledge of the current situation regarding renewable energy generated in the seas,” said Carlos Leandro da Silva Junior. “For us, it was a special opportunity to present the way in which OceanPact is contributing to the development of offshore energy projects, enabling economic growth in a sustainable, environmentally friendly way.”

If you did not have the opportunity to take part in the workshop at the time it was held, you can access a full recording of it on OceanPact’s YouTube page. The event was held in English, but the automatic subtitle option is available on the platform. Watch it.