OceanPact supports Struggle of People with Disabilities through information and initiatives, including a conversation with Lars Grael

Diversity, inclusion and belonging are principles that enhance our identity and capacity to act for human, social and economic well-being. We are committed to safety on land and at sea, and our activities are complete when we embrace inclusive thoughts and actions. When everyone can collaborate in an environment of protection and respect, we go much further.

And we are committed to putting these words into action. To celebrate National Day for the Struggle of People with Disabilities, September 21, OceanPact mobilized its employees to highlight our workmates who have disabilities, represented by five professionals who shared their stories and values.

Our week of commitment to inclusion culminated in a meeting with Lars Grael, sailor, Olympic medalist, Brazilian sports activist and disabled person. He spoke with the OceanPact team on the morning of September 29 about the importance of inclusion to expand possibilities. After all, exercising empathy is also a chance to renew concepts and find the answers we seek for society and our market.

The event was a success, actively engaging all our employees and demonstrating that this is a collective struggle. Currently, 36 people with disabilities work at OceanPact, and we thank each of them for their trust and opportunity for mutual development. We are aware that we have a lot to learn and improve but we are on the right path.