OceanPact takes part in UN Water Conference panel discussions about the blue economy and water governance

OceanPact is participating for the first time in the United Nations Water Conference, the world’s largest event in this area. This year, it will be held from March 22 to 24 in New York. Leaders from the company’s sustainability area will take part in a panel discussion to share OceanPact’s experience of supporting mangrove planting and protecting water bodies in Brazil.

On March 23, Fernando Borensztein, OceanPact’s new business and sustainability director, and Patricia Furtado, the CEO of Acqua Mater, will talk about intersectoral initiatives to support UN Sustainable Development Goals 6 (Clean Water and Sanitation) and 14 (Life Below Water).

Borensztein will share OceanPact’s experience of the Green Guanabara Bay Project, carried out by NGO Guardians of the Sea in partnership with the Urban Sea Institute and funded by OceanPact. This project has restored 12.2 hectares of mangroves in the Guapi-Mirim Environmental Protection Area by planting 30,500 seedlings as of March 13. In addition to habitat restoration, this initiative is also running environmental education activities for the local community.

On March 24, OceanPact’s sustainability manager, Ana Lyra, will participate in a side event called “Rethinking Water Governance in Brazil: Focus on Climate Crisis and Water Cooperation Agenda.” She will take part in a discussion called “Launch of Digital Blue Keepers Dashboard: All Paths Lead to the Sea – Understanding and Preventing Pollution of Water Bodies in Brazil to Protect the Ocean and Achieve SDG 14,” together with Gabriela Otero Sartini, the project’s coordinator.

OceanPact is a member of Blue Keepers, an initiative led by the Global Compact Brazilian Network, aimed at combating pollution caused by plastic in rivers and oceans.

Due to its commitment to the preservation of aquatic ecosystems, OceanPact supports several initiatives to restore mangroves while spreading best practices regarding ocean culture and the conservation of coastal ecosystems. The company’s participation in the UN Water Conference is yet another opportunity to highlight the importance of conserving water resources for sustainable development.