OceanPact’s Flavio Andrade features in 13th edition of BlueTech Week

On Wednesday, November 17, OceanPact’s CEO, Flavio Andrade, took part in the 13th edition of BlueTech Week, held between November 15 and 19. This event is dedicated to innovation, collaboration, globalization and the sustainability of oceans and its goal is to promote a sustainable blue economy.

The theme chosen for 2021 was “AquaOptimism: Inclusion, Inspiration, Innovation” and the organizers posed the challenge of thinking positively about the future of our aquatic systems and proposing viable solutions to our current problems. As in 2020, this year the event was 100% online, to avoid risking the participants’ safety and ensure the presence of international participants.

Andrade took part in a panel discussion called “Ocean Clean-Up,” debating the importance of adopting preventive practices. “It isn’t simple to clean up the oceans, as not all garbage is visible. We have equipment that can directly control offshore oil spills, as well as map and remove debris. However, investing in preventing these incidents is much better for the environment,” he said.

He also stressed the importance of technology and reinforced the need to tackle greenhouse gases. “Technology is fundamental for protecting the environment, as it offers new approaches to current problems. However, it is important to understand that it is not enough to remove garbage from the water. Cutting gas emissions and combating the sources of pollution are fundamental ways to promote the health and sustainability of the oceans,” he said.

BlueTech Week is organized by TMA BlueTech™, a nonprofit organization with the objective of promoting jobs and new technologies linked to the blue economy. OceanPact, an offshore knowledge and services leader, actively participates in the sector’s main organizations and events, stimulating research and debate about efficient and sustainable proposals for the use of marine environments.