Logistics and Engineering

From our offshore support bases spread along the Brazilian coast, we offer a one-stop-shop solution to perform all the services that our customers need in the areas of logistics and engineering OceanPact’s activities are developed in compliance with the main initiatives for the preservation of the environment, safety and quality.

Main activities: loading and offloading of various cargos, storage, planning and management of the full import and export process, inventory management and land transportation.

Our engineering group has a vast experience with coastal, port and marine engineering services, ranging from engineering design associated studies to the execution or supervision of the construction works.

• Operation of vessels supporting offshore logistics

We have specialized vessels to support drilling, production and other maritime units. Its main function is the logistical support of our customers, serving safely and efficiently.

• Support for seismic operations

We have vessels for support during seismic operations, working as chase vessels.

• Cargo shipment and landing

We handle all types of cargo required for drilling and production operations at offshore units. We operate general cargo (such as pipes, food, chemical materials, submarines tools and equipment), solid bulk and liquid bulk (such as cement, barite, bentonite, well fluid and water), in addition to diesel oil.

• Open and closed storage (including chemical products)

Cargo storage in the yard and in warehouses, including areas for safely storing chemical products. We can also perform area segregation for special and specific regimes.

• Materials and stock management

Inventory management with WMS (Warehouse Management System) technology. It allows us to provide our customers with inventory status of their products online, minimum stock pre-alert, turnover and traceability indicators.

• Industrial warehouse

Warehouse with robust equipment, including a 200 tons capacity overhead crane , high-resistance floor and hydraulic systems that allow our customers to carry out inspections on their assets, maintenance and repairs without the need for major ground movements. Such equipment contributes to safety, preservation of the environment and cost reduction.

• Facilities

We offer our clients offices, cafeterias, changing rooms and parking, in addition to providing water and other supplies for the vessels.

• Import and export

Management of the entire import and export process with expertise in different regimes: Repetro, REB, Temporary Admission and ex-tariff. Hiring local and international freight, insurance and inspections, among other services.

• Ground transportation logistics

Ground transportation planning and management for cargo in the Oil and Gas sector (intraport, intercity and interstate). Oversized cargo planning and operation.

• Conceptual, FEED and detailed design of ports and coastal structures

With a multidisciplinary team, OceanPact develops port and coastal engineering designs that provide its customers with maximum efficiency and viability integrated with practical constructability driven approach. Our team is comprised of civil, mechanical, environmental, naval and automation control engineers. They are supported by oceanographers, hydrographers, geologists, and geophysicists. This set of specialists allows us to provide an integrated view of all aspects of the projects, generating savings, safety and reliability for our customers.

• Dredging and rock blasting designs

The OceanPact engineering team is specialized in dimensioning navigation channels and in meeting the requirements for their implementation. It can be carried out by means of dredging or rock blasting, using different methods. The company also carries out the development and implementation of Aids to Navigation (AtoN) designs.

• Technical, economic and environmental feasibility studies

OceanPact develops integrated analyses of alternative coastal and port infrastructure designs, seeking solutions that meet the technical and commercial requirements of its customers, in an economically viable and environmentally sustainable manner.

• Numerical modeling of coastal processes

The OceanPact team uses state-of-the-art models to generate diagnostic or prognostic simulations that support the development of coastal and port projects, both in terms of engineering and environmental licensing processes. The simulations are carried out to characterize environmental conditions, evaluate processes for sediment transport, erosion and sedimentation, or to develop issues related to water quality, such as oil spill dispersion, effluents or dredging plumes.

• Operational window forecasting systems and dynamic drafts

To maximize the efficiency of port operations and determine safe operational windows, the OceanPact team develops wave, current and tide forecasting systems according to the needs of each client. Coupled with advanced vessel movement models, the systems are able to dynamically guide the port operator as to the safe draft to be employed at any times, according to environmental conditions.

• Ship Manoeuvring and mooring simulations

Ensuring safe navigation is fundamental to the viability of port projects. That is why we apply the most refined tools to assist in the development and nautical assessment of engineering projects, aiming to define the conditions so that ships can travel and operate safely, both during maneuvers and mooring conditions (either on docks or on ship-to-ship arrangements).

• Hydraulic and mechanical dredging

The use of the right tool is key to the success and efficiency of a project. OceanPact uses differentiated and versatile equipment, selected after a careful analysis of the relevant aspects of each project, aiming at the delivery of the work within the agreed term and cost.

• Beach nourishment and hydraulic fill

In order to generate an efficient, long-lasting and safe beach nourishment work for bathers, it is necessary to carry out the beach feeding works with deep knowledge about the behaviour of the environment and the construction techniques employed. The OceanPact team has decades of experience in the recovery of beaches and hydraulic fills in Brazil and the USA, and brings this knowledge to the execution of its works.

• Work management and inspection

Monitoring the evolution and assessment of possible impacts of underwater works can be a challenge for the entrepreneur. Nothing better than a company with experience in carrying out such works to provide support in management and supervision. With on-board inspectors, specialist engineers and a complete team to carry out bathymetric and environmental surveys, OceanPact provides all the necessary resources to give confidence to the client that the work will be completed in a technically correct manner and with full environmental compliance.

• Civil and industrial construction

With an experienced and qualified team, OceanPact has an engineering arm and operates in the areas of construction and civil, electrical, mechanical and air conditioning maintenance, striving for the quality of its services and with total planning of its activities.

Our experience in serving industrial customers qualifies OceanPact to manage all stages of the process, aiming at meeting the established deadlines, which is essential for the success of the interventions.

• Support for the execution of maritime works

To support contractors in the efficient execution of maritime and port works, OceanPact provides multi-cat vessels and workboats. These vessels have low draft and high engine and winch power, and are capable of supporting material transportation, handling anchors, pipelines, and towing/pushing maneuvers of abrges and pontoons. They area also useful for channel buoy maintenance services.

• Building maintenance

With extensive experience in the execution of facilities management and maintenance services, OceanPact has a business unit that offers a set of personalized and innovative solutions, ideal to guarantee operational security, reduce costs and improve the quality of the integrated management of industrial or administrative units.

• Mechanized cleaning of tanks

OceanPact has in its portfolio one of the most advanced technologies available in Brazil for the cleaning of petroleum and chemicals storage tanks. Our technology provides a safe operation with inertization of the tanks prior to mechanical cleaning, which eliminated the need for the workers to enter the tanks during the operation. One of the main advantages of this technology is the reuse of the oil contained in the sludge and a reduction of about 90% of the waste to be discarded.

• Waste management

We offer solutions for the management and disposal of waste via strategic partnerships, through bases distributed along the Brazilian coast. We operate in all stages of the process, including the collection, transportation and final disposal of waste, always ensuring compliance with all applicable environmental and legal standards.