The International Spill Control Organization (ISCO) has appointed Flavio Andrade, the CEO of OceanPact, as the member of its Council representing Brazil

In the last week of June, the International Spill Control Organization (ISCO) announced in its newsletter that it has appointed OceanPact’s CEO, Flavio Andrade, to serve on its Council. ISCO is a London-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the world’s preparedness for oil and chemical spill response.

One of ISCO’s purposes is to disseminate information about preventing, mitigating and remediating oil and hazardous material spills in the environment. The organization also works to provide knowledge and build experience in spill control and related subjects.

ISCO has consultative status with the UN International Maritime Organization and observer status with the International Oil Pollution Compensation Funds. In addition to Flavio Andrade, the ISCO Council is made up of 12 members of different nationalities, representing all continents.